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A Tribute

Published 02 September 2004

For months I have been trying to find a fitting digital tribute to my experience in May of 2004, hiking from the north rim of Grand Canyon national park, to the south rim. In this three-day trip, my dad and I became one of the elite: only 5% of the Canyon's 5,000,000 yearly visitors venture beneath the canyon rim, and only 1% make it to Phantom ranch at the bottom. And so I am proud to present, “Grand Canyon Fever.”

By Switching to G.C.F., you can test drive this experimental stylesheet. Unlike my other looks, G.C.F. offers a flexible layout: all of the widths on the page are a percentage of the window width, neither viewers with small or large windows will be given short-shrift; even the photographs tile appropriately for very large monitors.

My favorite facet of this look is unfortunately not supported in Internet Explorer, but in any other web browser, however, all of the background images align together, forming a cohesive photo across the page. Also, as this page scrolls, the background images stay in place, keeping that picture intact.

Compared to “Wolves & Tigers,≵ this look is currently feature-bare. I look to fleshing out some detail in the future.

All of this work is a giving of thanks to my dad and the amazing weekend sleeping under the stars in God's country.