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Doing something right

Published 15 August 2005

Someday I’ll feel like a professional, although it probably won’t be for a while. For now, however, every little bit of reinforcement helps. Today on a phone interview I was describing my experience with search engine optimization—a field which I’ve never considered myself a serious contender, until I thought more deeply about my experience. I must be doing something right, however, based on the results I’ve found from major search engines:

First four search results on Google.com

First search result on Yahoo.com

First four search results on MSN.com

For those curious, here are a few tips:

Spread the word!
The more sites that have a link to yours, the better.
Publish regularly
Search engines favor sites that update frequently, as they have better chance of being timely and relevant.
Use good HTML structure
<h1> is not just for bigger text, it's supposed to be the most important text on the page. Good outline structure and informative meta data are key to SEO.

That all the free goodies for my competitors (ha), until next time faithful readers.